7 Iconic designer bags that will make you heart skip a beat!

Who doesn’t love a good handbag? A good bag can literally elevate your outfit to another level. Not to mention how pretty handbags are!! Walking into the bag section of a store is bound to make any fashion lover swoon. Even though handbags are the best thing invented after sliced bread, there are 7 iconic designer bags that had (and still has) the world going crazy for them.

(01) Louis Vuitton Speedy- 1930:

When introduced to the market as “L’express”, this bag was an instant success. However, the handbag reached its iconic status when the queen of fashion Audrey Hepburn herself made it her personal companion in the 60s. the speedy can only be described as very chic, modern and urban. It boasts of having ample space, wide zipper that is protected by a stylish padlock. It also looked very stylish carried by either shoulder or by hand. As time passed and the world became modern, the speedy was also upgraded by LV’s creative director, Marc Jacobs. He introduced features such as bass rivets and zipper track to give the iconic bag a modern feel.

(02) Hermes Birkin- 1984:

Often deemed as the rarest bag in the world, this chic handbag is a favourite among designer bag collectors. This piece was introduced to the world in the 1980s by the French brand Hermes. It is handmade in leather and is named after the British actress Jane Birkin. Due to its high price and long waiting list period, this stylish bag is often seen as a status symbol and only the wealthiest people in the world own them. As of 2020 the cost of the Birkin starts at $11000 and are often made with exotic skins that are decorated with precious metal and jewels.

(03) Lady Dior- Dior-1995:

This adorable bag was a favourite of none other than Princess Diana. It was made specifically for her by the french brand and was gifted to her as a token of the french culture in one of her visits. It is said that lady Di loved this bag so much that she ordered it in all colours! The bag, first-named Chouchou was renamed to Lady Dior to pay tribute to the people’s princess. The bag which is inspired by everything couture is composed of 144 pieces. It is decorated with the iconic cannage pattern of Dior which is said to have been inspired by Napolean III chairs that were used by Christian Dior at his very first fashion show! Talk about being iconic indeed!

(04) Fendi Baguette-1997:

This is the bag that started the whole It Bag craze all over the world and is considered to be a timeless piece of art by many. It was designed by Fendi and cheekily named Baguette because when carried on the arm, it reassembled the long thin loaf of bread that the French are well known for. After its introduction, this beautiful bag became one of the must-have designer pieces with over 100,000 sold in its first year of the introduction alone. The iconic tv show Sex and the city also featured this bag which made fans of the tv show as well as fashion go crazy after it.

(05) Balenciaga City-2000:

The Balenciaga city bag is very easy to fall in love with. The most iconic feature of this bag is that it comes in every possible colour possible. Pink, black, grey, yellow! You got them all. It is highly versatile and the design is just classic which is what makes it a fashion staple. It boasts of intricate details such as a cute front pocket, tassel zippers, short handle and a detachable shoulder strap. It is also world-famous for its perfect size. It is bigger than a clutch but smaller than those giant bags that are taking over the world in recent years. All these features make it perfect for anyone’s day out!

(06) Michael Kors-Selma: 2013:

This iconic bag draws inspiration from 2 of the most popular bags in the world, the Hermes Birkin bag and Prada Saffiano Tote without actually being a copy.it has similar dimensions to the Birkin with metal feet and boxy shape. The top handle design is simple and has a discreet logo in the front. This pretty bag is made up of Saffiano leather which is renowned for being stain and scratch-resistant. It is often considered a large and heavy bag which is perfect if you have lots of stuff to carry, which almost every woman does!

(07) Gucci- Dionysus-2015:

In January 2015, the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele blessed the world by introducing the Dionysus bag which quickly became an IT bag. This stunning bag is inspired by the myth of Dionysus who is the god of tigers and what sets it apart from other droll worthy bags is signature horseshoe closure which is double tiger headed. The bag also boasts of sparkling rhinestones, small beads and stones which are manufactured in India and then hand sewn to the leather of the bag by skilful craftsmen in Italy. If all these features don’t make a bag a fashion favourite then I don’t know what can!     

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