#Wardrobestaples: 10 shoes that every girl should own.

I love shoes. A good pair of beautiful shoes can make your outfit a 100 times more stylish. We all are attracted to lovely pinks and vibrant reds when we walk into a shoe store. However, buying these out there colorful pair of shoes isn’t really the best option. You might just end up with high heels in an unusual colors that will just sit in your wardrobe collecting dust. You might just wear the once or twice and forget all about them.( been there. Done that!). But are there certain pair of shoes that you absolutely need in your closet? Absolutely!! lets take a look at 10 shoes every girl should have in her wardrobe

  • The go with everything ankle boots:

Everyone knows that to make your casual outfit a little bit more stylish, you just have to thrown in a pair of ankle boots. Ankle boots go with everything and I mean everything. Whether its a casual jeans and tshirt or mini skirt with a jacket, ankle boots are the perfect pair of shoes that go with everything. Thus, invest in a smart pair of cream or black ankle boots

  • Smart oxfords:

This footwear is the amazing alternative to wearing sneakers everyday. These shoes suit any type of weather and style. If you want to come across as self confident person, try on a pair of oxfords. These shoes are known for being a bold statement and perfect for days when you want to look tomboyish yet stylish

  • Nude heels:

Is there anything as classic and elegant as some nude heels? This pair of shoes is a must have for every budding fashionista. They are so elegant and stylish and make you look taller. They are also highly versatile and can be paired with anything from a monochrome outfit to a stylish blazer and jeans combo

  • The classic pump:

You cannot go wrong with the classic pump. Whether they are in beige or black or brown. These shoes are perfect if you want to elevate your casual outfits like sweatpants and a jumper to a more trendy yet edgy look. The best thing about these shoes is that there are no strict rules while wearing them and you can use your imagination to create whatever look you want.

  • Statement heels:

Yes, beige and black shoes are a staple but every once in a while a lady needs shoes that make people’s jaw drop because of their beauty. Statement heels are a must in all wardrobes when you want to make your shoes the hero. My personal favourite pair of shoes are a stylish pair of silver sandals that literally go with everything from a baby blue sheer dress to a yellow jump suit.

  • Everday sandals:

As much as we love our heels, its not possible to wear them everyday (no matter how much we want to). every girl needs sandals that are comfortable yet stylish ,that she can wear everyday to work or college. I love a good pair of black sandals with low heels. I make sure I have at least one pair of these put aside for everyday looks when I am feeling too lazy to get dressed up or have to do a lot of walking.

  • Basic ballet flats:

You heard it here, ballet flats are the most underrated shoe according to me. Being cute rather than sexy, many women forget them in favour of skyscraper heels. But you can look just as stylish ( and be much more comfortable) wearing a pair of flats. So investing in a pair of ballet flats is definitely a good option. Buy a pair of baby pink or black ballet flats that can go with almost every outfit

  • Sneakers:

Yes sneakers are the in thing right now. Who doesn’t love a good pair of white sneakers? A tshirt, high waisted jeans and sneakers are the go to outfit for many college going girls who want to look stylish yet be comfortable and not too dressed up. Thus buying a good pair of white or black sneakers is a really good idea.

  • Wedges:

When I was younger I used to love wedges. Almost every shoe I brought was a wedged heeled shoe. I just loved the silhouette of these types of shoes. So ladies if your looking for an alternative to wearing pumps or kitten heels, wedges are the way to go.

  • Knee high boots.   

Finally the holy grail of the shoe world. I havent known a single women that hasn’t fallen in love instantly with a pair of black knee high boots. They are the epitome of stylish and sit at the top of the shoe hierarchy. On the negative side, they can be a tad bit expensive but they are definitely worth the price  

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